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Chisato Naruse's Comiket 78 release Escursione is a small-sized illustration book, with art work on a travelling theme. This was the smaller part of her release; the other half was a joint project with Yuu Takigawa that included a custom bag and stationary.

Shugo Chara! Illustrations 2 came out at the beginning of October, gathering all the Peach-Pit illustrated works for Shugo Chara! that have been released since the publication of the first art book nearly two years ago. For fans of the series, it's definitely a must-get, especially considering that many of these illustrations have only previously been featured on the text-heavy covers of Nakayosi (なかよし) Magazines!

GirlishGene Visual Artworks is a fun and flirty collection of original illustrations by Lunatic Joker artist Tsukigami Lunar. Tsukigami Lunar's twin mascots Mika and Mira are heavily featured and are even the cover girls for this Comiket 78 release.

Rco Wada's latest illustration doujinshi High Leg Cut Armor was released during Comiket 78 and features all new works with an armor theme. Many of the art works have an interesting take on the theme, and don't focus as much on creating beautiful girl characters (unlike the cover art work).

Megami MAGAZINE Creators Vol 21 was released at the end of September, with a new cover illustration by Eiji Komatsu. There was only one extra item in this issue, a B2-sized poster featuring the cover art work on one side, and the Girl's Avenue Volume 2 cover art work by Naru Nanao on the other side.

The 20th issue of Megami MAGAZINE Creators came out a few months ago, and marks a milestone of sorts for this quarterly publication. After all, a five-year run is quite an achievement considering the number of magazines that go under each year. The cover features Kobayakawa Rinko with art work from Love Plus+ and is repeated inside as a giant A4-sized sticker.

Utsura Uraraka 2 is a full-color illustration collection released by Eretto during Comiket 78. The title is also Eretto's circle name, Utsura Uraraka. Though mostly fan art, the collection also features original character designs for Eretto's circle mascots.

Aoi Nishimata Illustrations Passion is a doujinshi art book that was released at Comiket 67, so suffice to say it was a while ago. Though there are a couple books that are more interview than art book along with series specific books, Aoi Nishimata's first full-fledged commercial art book Vivid will be coming out in December, making earlier books a lot less interesting ^^ So I figured I'd review these while they have a shred of relevance!

It's not even November yet and the first illustration anthology for the Year of the Rabbit has already been released. Bishoujo Illustrations New Year Collection 2011 brings together 50 artists to illustrate New Year's postcards, incorporating the rabbit in a variety of beautiful and adorable ways.

Kawaku's newest illustration collection came out during Comiket 78, and is aptly titled Summer Clock (夏時計). This full color doujinshi includes several brightly themed summer works along with a few of his Aquarian Age Saga 3 card game illustrations.

Wooser (うーさー) is the brainchild of Supercell designer Usa Yoshiki (宇佐義大) and in its short existence has garnered much adoration from fans for being small, furry and yellow. But there is a darker force in the Wooser world, and that would be the subject of today's post, Darth Wooser. DW presented by CHANxCO from insidEBox brings together 26 artists to illustrate Darth Wooser in all her glory.

This season's GELATIN magazine sparkles! I'm not even joking, for some reason they thought a cross-hatch holographic cover was a good idea. Then again, it did make me feel like a kid again. With many of the usual GELATIN artists along with a few new ones, GELATIN 2010 Autumn あき seems a little more polished than recent issues.

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