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Adumi Tohru's Summer Comiket release was a two parter; one book was Flower Dust Crown and included original art works, and the other was Happy Heart Gift which was more of a fan art collection. Interestingly, they were being sold together even through the shops like Toranoana, so I was unwittingly able to get both ^^

Minase Lin is a regular artist in E☆2 and her work also appears in Girls Girls Girls! Illustrations art books, but I've somehow missed out on buying a doujinshi from her until now. Star Dust -development- is a full color collection, released summer 2010. Many of the illustrations inside were in E☆2 Magazine, but this doujinshi has a leg up on the magazine with less text and better quality paper ^^;

Colorful Berry is a joint illustration publication by two artists, Ichiyou Moka and Konno Kengo, two artists with similar color palettes, but uniquely different art styles. Both covers of Colorful Berry are used like a front cover, and depending which side you come in on, you'll either start out with Ichiyou Moka's illustrations or Konno Kengo's works.

Shoujo Cycle M.O.E., short for Morning on Earth, follows Akatsuki Katoh's original bicycle girl characters that have appeared in several of his doujins as they wake up across the world. The Morning on Earth collection showcases radiant backgrounds, with the special kind of lighting on the characters that only comes about in the morning.

Initially, I thought Bougainvill was going to be by two artists, as it was listed as a co-authoring by Shirogane Hina and Kodama Naoka. But on looking through it, Kodama Naoka only contributed one illustration, so she was more of a guest artist for this collection. Luckily, it was Shirogane Hina's art work that it turned out I was interested in ^^

I grabbed Itoh Ben's SQUARE ENIX Fantasm -Preview- knowing full well that his 'previews' tend to be a re-hash of previous books, and anything new gets re-printed in the non-preview version of the doujinshi. Knowing all that, my motivation was the price tag of ¥294 on Toranoana which is an amazingly small amount to pay for anything really.

I've always thought that Masato@Takashina should be more well-known than he is, considering how long he's been around with his cute girls and colorful scenic style. My theory is the name is holding him back, because seriously, why would anyone need a @ in their name? I'm looking at you too, Ma@ya.

VIVID COLOR Tatsuki Amaduyu Illustrations 1995-2010 is the newest solo collection from the well-known BLAZER ONE and LEAF artist. This full color collection showcases Tatsuki Amaduyu's non-commercial art work, with lots of original characters as well as fan art works from Macross Frontier, Neon Genesis Evangelion and more.

Shizuma Yoshinori, whose fame can probably be linked directly to Pixiv, released his first illustration doujinshi for Comiket 78. Shizuma Drive: 0 is a very short collection of some of the artist's most popular works, but that unfortunately also means the illustrations won't be new to most people.

Kaedena Akino's summer Comiket 78 release Hana Koi comes hot on the heels of her last illustration doujinshi, Bubble Light from Comiket 77. And yet, it manages to showcase a real growth in illustration style between the two books. The theme of Hana Koi is of course flowers, and all of the girls depicted are accompanied by flowers and sometimes dressed to imitate them.

Range Murata's most recent doujinshi publication is the Comiket 78 release, Glass Tile, whose name describes the photograph that spans across the front and back covers of the release. As with his other more recent doujins, it includes illustrations drawn for ROBOT along with Kikan S Magazine posters and other publications.

I was surprised to see such a large collection in Kousaki Rui's Comiket 78 release Tokimeki Mono when he had just released a sizable amount of illustrations for C77 with his GLASS HEART 5 publication. But I guess it helped that several of the illustrations in the last one were reprints. Some of the ones in Tokimeki Mono are as well, but since they were done outside of Kousaki's doujinshi circle, they're new to me ^^

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