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C.C. in a red dress

C.C. in a red dress  Photo

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13 years, 11 months ago


"Not here, Lelouch . . . people are watching . . ."

Now this is one of the very best Code Geass fanarts I've seen. Maybe you'll get a better scan later and translate what the text in the upper left-hand corner says?

I still think the spaces in the bodice should have been made of a material of a complementary colour, because otherwise it looks like a case of "convenient censoring" to me, which slightly detracts from the believability of the picture to me.

Aside from that, the picture is more or less perfect. The shades of red and green work very well together and don't look like a "Christmas get-up," CC's "bedroom eyes" and expression look perfectly scandalous, Lelouch being the tall, dark, and handsome gentleman with a hint of his darker side in his right hand--I sure wish this were official promo art for the series.