mitsui mana

Metronome ~Mitsui Mana Art Works~ felt like it went to press too early, leaving out a the most crucial element: the art work. I'm exaggerating of course, but it's not that far off the mark; the numbered art work pages end on 63, and from that point on it's all the illustrated story Koyoi mo Kanojo ha Gatsu ni Utau (今宵も彼女は月に謡う) that ran in E☆2 Magazine, complete with the story text still on it. And as they were initially designed with story telling in mind, the panel art work just doesn't have the same impact as the full-page illustrations.

I'm laughing just typing that title. Yoiko no Moecco! Imouto Pantsu ONLY is a ¥1300 mook (magazine book) featuring the illustrations of 44 different artists on the always popular theme of "imouto pantsu." There's a real mix of old favorites as far as artists go, with some new up and coming artists who I'm starting to see more and more often in magazines like Dengeki MOEOH and E☆2 (Etsu).