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This is the last Yasuomi Umetsu art book I have to review, and also the most recent. Yasuomi Umetsu's Visual Art Works BORDERLESS came out October 14th, 2009 and collects his illustrations from Kite Liberator, Kite, Mezzo Forte, Mezzo DSA, Nakoruru, and his own original girls. Out of all of art books, this one is the most illustration packed, and covers all but one of the illustrations from the Mezzo Perfect File.

Mezzo Perfect File is an anime visual book that was released a few years ago (May 2004) that focused not only on the TV anime series Mezzo DSA, but also on the one-shot OVA Mezzo Forte. Like most visual books, it focuses on a both the promotional illustrations for the series, and the episode summaries, background art, interviews and character arts. Basically, everything any fan could want to know about the show in one place.

Yasuomi Umetsu's first new art book in ten years, titled Visual Art Works BORDERLESS, just came out today so I felt it was the perfect time to review his last art book, titled Yasuomi Umetsu Art Works Kujuku. Though you may not know his name, you've undoubtedly seen his art work featured in A Kite, Mezzo Forte, Mezzo DSA, Girl's High, Gatchaman and Casshan: Robot Hunter.

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