shirahane nao

For the one day event Magi Madoka ONLY - Mou Nanimo Kowaku Nai (魔まマ オンリーイベント~もう何も恐くない~), Nao Shirahane (DMYO) of Snow Ring teamed up with Nishimata Aoi from JOKER RING to create a most awesome Madoka doujinshi, Puella Magi Madoka Magica CONNECT. The doujinshi was part of a set that included a bag along with a clearfile that featured a joint illustration by the two artists with Kaname Madoka and Akemi Homura.

In case you missed the memo, DMYO is now known as Shirahane Nao (白羽奈尾). She actually had an illustration in Eshi 100 - Contemporary Japanese Illustration under her new name, even though she isn't Japanese, a point she mentioned on her blog ^^; Under her new name for Sunshine Creation 51, she released a full color collection titled WHITE ALBUM +A, which as you might guess contains fan art from White Album, but isn't limited to that.

In May this year, the Eshi 100 Gallery Exhibition opened in the Akihabara UDX building and ran for a brief 5 days showcasing new illustrations by some of the most recognized artists in Japan. The gallery exhibition theme was the very open-ended idea of 'Japan', allowing for amazing creativity from the artists along with many different conceptual representations. This gorgeous exhibition was collected as a book, Eshi 100 - Contemporary Japanese Illustration and sold during the event.

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