FUFUFU 2010 by Vinhnyu

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FUFUFU 2010 by Vinhnyu - 1

FUFUFU 2010 is a fan art illustration collection by Vinhnyu that was released at the July 2010 Japan EXPO held in Paris, which features art work from Final Fantasy, Vocaloid, and K-ON! among others. Vinhnyu also made his debut this year as a published illustrator in Japan, winning the mascot design competition for Kotobukiya's OTACOOL books, which showcase various aspects of anime fandom around the world.

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FUFUFU 2010 is a B5-sized full color collection, staple-bound and 28-pages when counting the covers. The cover art features the Hatsune Miku Append version, with a Miwa Shirow Eager Love REVENGE style to it. The illustration is repeated inside, but finished in full color. I like the cynical expression on her face, as it's not an often seen look for Hatsune Miku ^^;

FUFUFU 2010 by Vinhnyu - 6FUFUFU 2010 by Vinhnyu - 7

FUFUFU 2010 by Vinhnyu - 4

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The art works span from 2008 through 2010, though the majority of illustrations are from this year. Vinhnyu's style has a cel-shaded quality about it, which really highlights the unexpected decorations on the clothing patterns and details.

FUFUFU 2010 by Vinhnyu - 5

K-ON! girls above, in really cute street clothes! Even though the collection is all fan art, many of the characters are originally dressed, which is something I like to see.

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Also sold separately during the Japan EXPO were posters and postcards of Vinhnyu's original character Elyse, from his manga Elyse ~Modern Witchcraft~. Though only in French at the moment, it's going to be translated into English for the new French-Japanese doujinshi event in Paris called Comic LIVE, which will showcase artists from both countries.

FUFUFU 2010 by Vinhnyu - 9 FUFUFU 2010 by Vinhnyu - 12

Though this B5-sized version finished selling at the Expo, you can still buy an A4 version of this doujinshi direct from the artist. Through my personal experiences at conventions, I was under the impression that "Artist's Alley" still consisted of sketches on demand and "one-of" prints or single illustrations for sale and auction. It's good to know that self publishing is shifting things in a way that will make it easier to buy collections from artists you enjoy, anywhere in the world ^^

  • Title: FUFUFU 2010
  • タイトル: FUFUFU 2010
  • Pages: 28 (including covers)
  • Release date: 07/2010
  • Buy: Direct Sale from Artist


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13 years, 11 months ago


He really captured that native anime style! The production looks better than most doujins!

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13 years, 11 months ago


Yeah feels slightly western, maybe it is because he said where he is from though. Maybe he should keep it a secret cause his work is good ^^;;;

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13 years, 11 months ago


Ordered yesterday :3 It looks really nice. I can't wait to get my hands on it ^^