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REI's ROOM Hurry Up 2 ! - 10

Hurry Up!² is a full color collection from REI of the circle REI's ROOM, which was released for COMIC1☆4. It's a pretty standard illustration release from REI; lots of colorful art work, fan art, and her commentaries in both Chinese and Japanese.

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REI's ROOM Hurry Up 2 ! - 5 REI's ROOM Hurry Up 2 ! - 6

Hurry Up!² is B5-sized and 36-pages including the covers. This staple-bound volume includes primarily full page illustrations, I'd say only 3 pages have works that share a page. That's particularly high quality for a doujinshi, where you can usually expect more casual illustrations.

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In fact, a few of the art works in Hurry Up!² were commercially done for issues of Etsu (E☆2 ) just last year. Some of the more colorful illustrations are of a green-haired, purple-eyed mascot illustrated for recent issues of Taiwan's Fancy Frontier, along with witch girls also done for the same magazine.

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Some of the fan arts included feature characters from To Heart, Wizard Girl Ambitious, Vocaloid, and Houkago Play. Most of the original art has a fantasy feel to it, but it works well in REI's style.

REI's ROOM Hurry Up 2 ! - 13

Also included was REI's illustration from the I.S.W. collection Kemomimi. I was surprised to see such a great illustration collection from REI so close to Comiket 78, as it's more the kind of book I would expect to see released at the larger convention. But from her Pixiv, it looks like we can be expecting non-illustration Angel Beats and Love Plus doujins for C78. By the way, drop by Pixiv if you haven't in the last couple days, it's had a face lift ^^

  • Title: Hurry Up!²
  • タイトル: Hurry Up!²
  • Pages: 36 (including covers)
  • Release date: 04/29/2010
  • Buy: Toranoana


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Good review! I've been wondering what's in this one! Thanks!