KEI Illustrations MONO 02

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KEI MONO 02 Cover

Occasionally, I like to pick up monochrome doujinshi from certain artists. Sometimes, I do it on accident. But fortunately, KEI aptly titles his doujinshi with names like MONO 02 so I don't have to guess about it being in color. This one is a surprisingly thick 50 pages long. Would you buy a black and white doujinshi from your favorite artist, or is it just not worth it unless it's in color?

KEI MONO 02 Inside KEI Maria-sama Ga Miteru

The cover illustration (and back) are the only bits in color. The cover features KEI's own original character. From the few I have, KEI's monochrome doujinshi are generally a mix of a full page monochrome illustration followed by a short comic from the series of the illustration.

KEI ComicKEI Smoking GirlKEI Gears of War

And MONO 02 is no exception. The series (and games) illustrated in this book are from Maria-sama ga Miteru, Gears of War, Lucky Star, Streetfighter, The Idolmaster, and Vocaloids. There's a cat-eared one I don't recognize, and might just be an original series. If you recognize it, let me know!

KEI Lucky StarKEI Lucky StarKEI Kagamiku

KEI Street FighterKEI NekomimiKEI Vocaloids

KEI Girl in WhiteKEI Teeny BikiniKEI Idolmaster

I wasn't a fan of the illustrations in this one, as I've seen better monochrome illustrations from KEI in some of his other doujinshi. Also, this volume seemed to focus more on the comics than the illustrations and since I can't read Japanese, I didn't get the chance to appreciate the shorts. I am a KEI fan though, but not a completionist, so it wouldn't have hurt to skip this volume ^^;

KEI VocaloidKEI Hatsune MikuKEI Mono 02 Back

  • Title: KEI Illustrations MONO 02
  • タイトル: KEI Illustrations MONO 02
  • Pages: 50 (including covers)
  • Buy: eBay


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