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December 21st, 2010, 8:41PM by nat | 7 comments

Moeru iPhone Reader - 27

Moeru iPhone Reader, released December 14th, is the newest in the ever growing series of artist collections featuring girls using some kind of everyday item. Moeru's iPhone Reader is great advertising for Apple---an iPhone is prominently placed with every girl---so the individual aspects of the illustration focus on the app being showcased, and how the girl is using (or not using) it.

Moeru iPhone Reader - 1Moeru iPhone Reader - 2Moeru iPhone Reader - 3

Moeru iPhone Reader - 4Moeru iPhone Reader - 5Moeru iPhone Reader - 10

Moeru iPhone Reader is a B5-sized book, full color and 130 pages. The cover art work is by Nagi Ryou, and appears without the cover text though in a smaller size on the first page of the book. There is the usual mix of artists that these books tend to have, with famous artists along side new names. Pictured above are Nagi Ryou (x2), Kazuhara Kina, Midori Foo, Puaka, and Mota. Other artists at the beginning of the book were Virus, Sody, Moso, Yuhi Alfa, Yukiu Con, and Yazzz.

Moeru iPhone Reader - 6 Moeru iPhone Reader - 7

The layout is no doubt what you would expect from this kind of book by now; one page features the illustration with the other page focusing on the iPhone app with screen shots and information about it. As usual, I'm not in it for the information, so I can't judge that part of the book. The illustration above is by Quiqui.

Moeru iPhone Reader - 8 Moeru iPhone Reader - 9

Moeru iPhone Reader - 11 Moeru iPhone Reader - 13

The illustrations above by Kamo, Izuru, Fuji Choko, and Saitom and were some of the better works in the book. Izuru was new to me up until Quarterly Pixiv Vol. 02, where he received the illustration x art process treatment. And Fuji Choko (along with several other artists) has really become a regular in these types of publications; aside from this book, she's also done illustrations for Moeru Classic Heroine Collection and Railway Girls and Scenery Pictorial Book.

Moeru iPhone Reader - 12Moeru iPhone Reader - 14Moeru iPhone Reader - 15

Moeru iPhone Reader - 17Moeru iPhone Reader - 22Moeru iPhone Reader - 23

Yoshinori Shizuma and Jyuu Ayakura have also been making semi-regular appearances in these kind of books. Yoshinori Shizuma's illustration actually had nothing to do with the corresponding app being reviewed, which makes me think some of the reviews may have changed at the last minute ^^; Duca's illustration shows off a lot of growth in just the past year, with a less angular and more refined style.

Moeru iPhone Reader - 16 Moeru iPhone Reader - 18

Moeru iPhone Reader - 20 Moeru iPhone Reader - 21

I thought the inclusion of NIL's illustration was a bit odd, as he's an illustrator who is popular because he intentionally draws like redjuice. It's eyecatching, but I'm sure he can find his own style... Sime, Vania600 and Fruit Punch's illustrations were all as impressive as usual.

Moeru iPhone Reader - 29Moeru iPhone Reader - 26Moeru iPhone Reader - 28

Pictured above are illustrations by Kiryu Tsukasa and Zerokichi---whose work I've previously only seen in other people's doujins. The book ends with interviews with Sakuya Tsuitachi, refeia, and Yoshitoshi Abe---none of whom had an illustration in the book. The index provides the artists' websites and Pixiv accounts when available, so it becomes another useful tool for exploration. Moeru iPhone Reader is a pretty standard collection in this genre, but there are enough standout works to make it worthwhile ^^

  • Title: Moeru iPhone Reader
  • タイトル: 萌えるiPhone読本
  • Pages: 130
  • Release date: 12/14/2010
  • Buy: Amazon Japan


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Avatar for Thanatos

13 years, 6 months ago


Before I got an iPhone I always told myself it wasn't necessary and that it was just another over-hyped piece of ware that would be obsolete in 6mos.

When I was up for a phone upgrade, I found myself eating my thoughts and stomping on my own pride. The 3GS was more in-line with what I wanted in function, style and price. True enough Apple's release of the iPhone 4 adds another notch to their belt, continuing on their style of driving consumer spending, I'll admit...they're quite good at it (though to be honest, the Droid series is better functionally and performance wise).

I find it very interesting that a cellphone brand, let alone a single device, has created such distinct and unifying culture in its wake. It's truly a masterpiece of marketing but also technological ingenuity. The whole "there's an app for that" really opened up the stage for letting people with a little technical know-how create programs that thousands of people can use.

Speaking of which, Nattoli needs to have a serious app. I'd love to read this site on iPhone optimization. Maybe have a section where readers can snap shot art books and post initial impressions or illustrations where readers can help scavenger hunt. Just some thoughts for the future.

Ah, right...the art book. I'll probably purchase this one since it's been a while since I last bought something. Is it because I have an iPhone? Probably...but I also like the illustrations and I want to get a better look at some of the apps they're advertising out.

Avatar for nat

13 years, 6 months ago


Heh, an app sounds like fun but I wouldn't even know where to start. I would like to hear more about others' art book finds, I know blogging about it feels like a commitment, but something briefer would probably feel doable for most people.

There are some other nice books still coming out this month, so if you just feel like you're buying for the sake of it, might want to keep looking ;D

Avatar for Mira

12 years, 2 months ago


Wow,very very nice I wanted to see she hold the ps vita game....(o^^o)

guest avatar

13 years, 6 months ago


This is just a weird fetish.

Avatar for Smithy

13 years, 6 months ago


Loving the Midori Foo and Vania600 artworks, they're terrific. ^^

As for it being a n iPhone reader book, well guess any excuse to assemble good artwork is good but wouldn't want them to make too many collections that the themes star to become silly.

Avatar for nat

13 years, 6 months ago


I think we've already hit the point of silliness, they were really stretching it with Moeru Classic Heronies...

Avatar for Lonigus

13 years, 5 months ago


Abit late posting but hmmm... WTF? Is Vania600 an different nick for Makoto Shinkai? O_O ... Both arts (ment the backgrounds and the sky portraits + the fetish for train stations lol ... )