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March 5th, 2011, 7:28PM by nat | 4 comments

U10's U10Folio - 6

U10 is an artist whose work I find, more often than not, as a guest in the collection of others' works. But this time, U10 is the star with U10folio, a full color doujinshi featuring art works that range from Hatsune Miku to the singing group Perfume.

U10's U10Folio - 1 U10's U10Folio - 2

U10folio is a B5-sized doujinshi and 24-pages including the covers. It makes use of even the inside covers for the table of contents in the front and the postcript by U10 in the back. As a result, U10folio features an uninterrupted 20-pages of illustrations.

U10's U10Folio - 3 U10's U10Folio - 4

U10's U10Folio - 5 U10's U10Folio - 7

The order and sections for the illustrations are presented as Vocaloid, Perfume, and finally Original. Vocaloid has five pages of illustrations, with two of them featuring a spread illustration. Though there are only four pages of Perfume illustrations, they each feature the girls in different fashions and are very well finished.

U10's U10Folio - 8 U10's U10Folio - 9

U10's U10Folio - 10 U10's U10Folio - 11

It's obvious from even this brief glimpse into U10's illustrations that fashion is an important factor in his works. The designs are very realistic, with color palettes that you would expect to see on girls in real life. The characters accessorize, wear fashionable shoes and in general have looks and haircuts that aren't exaggerated. This is especially apparent in his selection of Original illustrations.

U10's U10Folio - 12

U10folio does feel like something different from the usual style I expect from an anime or manga artist, but it still manages to fit into that genre. At the same time it's attractive, but nothing really jumps out at me aside from cool clothing styles worn by the girls. I think in the end, it's just not really my cup of tea ^^;

  • Title: U10folio
  • タイトル: U10folio
  • Release Date: 12/31/2010
  • Pages: 24 (covers included)
  • Buy: eBay, Keibunsha


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13 years, 3 months ago


Great art, are there any pages you didn't show that has backgrounds?

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13 years, 3 months ago


Amazing simple taken yet complicated artwork. I would kill for a artbook full of his work....

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13 years, 3 months ago


24 pages is short but I guess it's better to not have filler ^^

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12 years, 6 months ago


Need to have it!!!