La Peche! Hinamatsuri Touko Art Works

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Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 15

La Pêche! Hinamatsuri Touko Art Works is the first collection by the artist, and collects both her illustrations from magazines like Dengeki HIME, as well as her self-published works from various Comikets and COMIC☆s. Add to that the fact that nearly every illustration is fit full-to-page and we've got ourselves a winner ^^

Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 1 Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 2

Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 3 Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 4

If you're not at all familiar with Hinamatsuri Touko's art work, her genre is solidly fanservice. This means that while there are plenty of panty shots in La Pêche! there's also a bit of nudity, though not enough to give this art book the +18 rating that Dengeki HIME magazine enjoys.

Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 5Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 6Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 7

Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 8Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 9Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 11

La Pêche! Hinamatsuri Touko Art Works is A4-sized and 128-pages. The cover art work is newly drawn, and also appears inside without text. Underneath the slip cover are rough sketches, showing another potential pose for the cover girl. In all, including the cover there are four newly drawn works for this art book.

Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 12Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 13Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 14

Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 18Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 16Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 17

The art book is divided into sections, several of which cover some of the games Hinamatsuri Touko has worked on. The book starts out with original illustrations for 32 pages and the works in this section are predominantly from Dengeki HIME posters and doujinshi works. Art work from the game Mikoko! (みここ!) followed by Imouto Smile (妹スマイル) and Can☆Fes! (きゃん☆フェス!) make up the next 32 pages of La Pêche!.

Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 19 Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 20

Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 21 Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 22

There's a funny thing written in English on the contents page of the art book, "Somewhere in this book: Secret Illust." Since nothing was technically hidden, I'm just assuming it's just the very last illustration in the book ^^; Some of the nicest art work in the book is in the RE:LOADED CARMINE section, which covers 12 pages and is the most recent game Hinamatsuri Touko has worked on.

Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 23Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 24Hinamatsuri Touko's La Peche! - 26

The art book finishes with nine pages of illustrations from the light novel Tadayou Shokono Verutetella (漂う書庫のヴェルテ・テラ) followed by seven pages of miscellaneous illustrations, mostly from promotional items for Melonbooks mascots. The index is three pages and includes artist comments for each work along with where it was initially published. La Pêche! Hinamatsuri Touko Art Works really turned out to be much better than expected, and if you don't mind the fanservice, I'd really recommend it ^^

  • Title: La Pêche! Hinamatsuri Touko Art Works
  • タイトル: La Pêche!―雛祭桃子ARTWORKS
  • Release Date: 03/30/2011
  • Pages: 128
  • Buy: Amazon Japan, eBay


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13 years, 1 month ago


Are these all full pages or are there some half pages etc?

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13 years, 1 month ago


There are very few half pages, or shared image pages overall. On a quick count through I spotted 4 half-page illustrations (on 2 pages). There are some dakimakura illustrations that share a page vertically, but they're still the full page length. So pretty much all full page and two-page spreads.