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Miki Miyashita's Raisonne IV was a hard cover sequel to Raisonne III with new illustrations and a larger B5-sized format. Raisonne IV already really showcases how Miki Miyashita's style has grown, with better coloring and more proportional character designs. There's a mix of fan art and original works in the art book as well, ranging from Vocaloid to Code Geass.

After the review of Benigyokuzui Vol. 27, I was inspired to go back a ways and look through some of CARNELIAN's older doujins, which lead me to today's review for Benigyokuzui Vol. 15. It's one of the few older volumes that is full-color all the way through, with both fan arts and original works getting a full-page presentation.

Though Noise Pollution was not on my initial 'get' list for Comiket 76, as soon as I saw a few sample illustrations on Toranoana, I bought it. I loved Code Geass, and I especially love it when artists have styles that stay true to the original, and in this case, improve upon it.

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