nadeara bukichi

TURQUOISE 20th Anniversary is a commemorative doujinshi, marking Nadeara Bukichi's two decades in the business along with a glossy new collection of Nadia Secret of Blue Water illustrations. And pretty much every illustration features Nadia in Nadeara Bukichi's signature stick-on panty, so it's quite heavy on the fan service.

Harinpikku 2010 (ハリンピック2010) which by the sound of that title and the sports theme of the images, I'm assuming to be a play on the word 'olympic.' But it could mean anything! The collection features anime girls you should recognize from shows like K-On!, HeartCatch PreCure!, Darker than Black and a few others, all wearing the undergarment that Nadeara Bukichi is famous for.

Nadeara Bukichi, also known as NadiaLoveKitty, has been illustrating scantily clad girls with pasted panties from as far back as I can remember. I feel like there's been a recent resurgence of her work, that or I just started to notice it again ^^

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