Nadeara Bukichi's TURQUOISE 20th Anniversary

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Turquoise 20th Anniversary - 14

TURQUOISE 20th Anniversary is a commemorative doujinshi, marking Nadeara Bukichi's two decades in the business along with a glossy new collection of Nadia Secret of Blue Water illustrations. And pretty much every illustration features Nadia in Nadeara Bukichi's signature stick-on panty, so it's quite heavy on the fan service.

Turquoise 20th Anniversary - 10Turquoise 20th Anniversary - 11Turquoise 20th Anniversary - 12

TURQUOISE 20th Anniversary is B5-sized, staple-bound and 28-pages including the covers. Every page is used for the art work, including the inside covers, so it feels really packed even though the first six illustrations in the book are featured as two-page spreads.

Turquoise 20th Anniversary - 13

Turquoise 20th Anniversary - 8

Even though Nadeara Bukichi is pretty consistent about using Nadia from Secret of Blue Water and that iconic stick-on panty, the art work still feels really fresh with each collection. The lighting and richness of the colors is amazing, especially with the addition of watery reflections and shadows in many of the her pieces. Also, love the parody Black Rock Shooter of Nadia ^^

Turquoise 20th Anniversary - 9Turquoise 20th Anniversary - 1Turquoise 20th Anniversary - 2

After the illustration spreads there's a Z-Vector costume study section, showing nadia from various angles and with various ways to wear the stick-on panty. There's also a page of Nadia in cross-over costumes, like Cure Shunshine from Heartcatch PreCure and Ookami Ryouko from Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi.

Turquoise 20th Anniversary - 3 Turquoise 20th Anniversary - 4

Turquoise 20th Anniversary - 5 Turquoise 20th Anniversary - 7

There are three fan arts included in the collection, one of which is a gorgeous version of Nadia done by NishiEda. The last three art works in the book are also two-page spreads, but they also include a bit of a story. All in all, TURQUOISE 20th Anniversary makes for a really nice commemorative collection with some really great art.

  • Title: TURQUOISE 20th Anniversary
  • タイトル: TURQUOISE 20th Anniversary
  • Pages: 28 (including covers)
  • Release date: 2010/08/15
  • Buy: eBay


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