Hayate no Gotoku!! POSTERS! is a collection of exactly that, posters. The art work centers around the characters from the second Hayate no Gotoku!! series, and features new pictures of the thirteen main characters, originally drawn for this book. All the new illustrations are done by Masahiro Fuji, the J.C. Staff character designer for the second series.

In April 2000, the fourth issue of Megami Magazine came out. I think it was at about this point that Megami became a better magazine---mostly because it finally had a ton of posters per issue. It was still ironing out a few quirks though; it still contained multiple extra long posters (three and four panel ones) as well as some series repetition (4 posters from Ah! My Goddess).

The upcoming Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works film was big news in this Megami issue. Saber and Rin stole the cover, the B2 poster (well, they shared that with Nanoha) and had a feature spread to get us excited for the movie.

Type-Moon overall is doing pretty well this issue, with the book-in-book issue featuring Kara no Kyoukai and another poster dedicated to CANAAN.

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