Megami Magazine Vol 113

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Fate/Stay Night B2 Poster

The upcoming Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works film was big news in this Megami issue. Saber and Rin stole the cover, the B2 poster (well, they shared that with Nanoha) and had a feature spread to get us excited for the movie.

Megami CoverRin Movie StyleFate/Stay Night B2 Poster

Type-Moon overall is doing pretty well this issue, with the book-in-book issue featuring Kara no Kyoukai and another poster dedicated to CANAAN.

Kara no Kyoukai Canaan

The line-up for the posters is also pretty good this month, with my personal favorite being the Sea Story one. But there's plenty from K-ON, Sora no Manimani, Saki, Princess Lover, Kanamemo, Spice and Wolf (Horo yay!), Queen's Blade and lots more. And those are just the posters at the front ;3

Megami IndexK-ON SwimsuitsK-ON Slumber party

KanamemoSpice and Wolf HoroSea Story

Queen's Blade AiriSaki SwimsuitsSora no Manimani

In the magazine proper it's all articles (with the main images being screen shots) but they cover Saki, Spice and Wolf S2, Hayate no Gotoku!!, Princess Lover, Haruhi, Sea Story, Bakemonogatari, and CANAAN. Lots of screen shots of Senjougahara in her underwear from that first episode. There's also the usual blurbs on upcoming shows. But the new Mahoromatic special, Seikirei ~Pure Engagement~ WORKING!!, and Baka to Test caught my interest. The upcoming Cencoroll movie also got a nod (in the black and white pages ;P).

CencorollMegami Magazine photoSea Story

The 95th Girl's Avenue artist is Honjou Raita, no doubt best known for his character designs from Valkyria Chronicles. His GA poster is really unique, and not nearly as moe as the posters usually are. The girls are wearing Atmospheric Diving Suits, and have a look I'd expect to see from Redjuice's artwork.

Girl's Avenue Girl's Avenue Poster

The last of the posters this issue feature work from POP, Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~, Mahou Tsukai ha Yuyu Shiki Otome (MYO), Weiss Survive, Kanokon (OVA), Aika ZERO, and GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class (that's a mouthful).

GAWeiss SurvivePhantom

Megami Radio YuyuMegami RadioKanokon

Aika ZeroPOPNanoha Movie Style

You can still get this issue off of Amazon Japan, or check out other retailers to see who has it in stock!

  • Title: Megami Magazine Vol 113
  • タイトル: Megami MAGAZINE (メガミマガジン) 2009年 10月号
  • Release date: 08/29/2009
  • Buy: Amazon Japan, eBay


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