Megami Magazine Vol 004

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Belldandy Poster

In April 2000, the fourth issue of Megami Magazine came out. I think it was at about this point that Megami became a better magazine---mostly because it finally had a ton of posters per issue. It was still ironing out a few quirks though; it still contained multiple extra long posters (three and four panel ones) as well as some series repetition (4 posters from Ah! My Goddess).

Megami Vol 04 CoverTo Heart PosterPia Carrot 2DX Poster

Pia Carrot 2DX PosterYou're Under ArrestLove Hina Hot Springs

In the posters above, the two Pia Carrot 2DX ones are three panels along with the To Heart and You're Under Arrest ones. I always felt the extra long posters look a little awkward, but there are times when it works. Just wait till you see the centerfold ;P

Gaogaigar Final PosterBelldandy PosterMamotte Shugogetten

Steel Angel Kurumi Ah My Godess Poster

The rest in the front are from Love Hina, Steel Angel Kurumi, Gaogaigar Final, Mamotte Shugogetten and Ah! My Goddess. This is where we end up with four posters featuring Belldandy. I have no problem with the show, but four posters of anything is excessive, I prefer having variety. How about you? Would you rather have more pictures from the shows you liked, or a nice variety of other series?

Megami Vol 004 ContentsPia Carrot DuoExcel Saga

Steel Angel Kurumi in UniformGaogaigar WaitressesVampire Princess Miyu

Creamy LemonMagical Princess Minky MomoMamotte Shugogetten Line Arts

At this point, Megami Magazine still featured spread articles that often used pictures different than the ones on the posters. They cut back on this in later issues though, and re-used the images from the posters in the articles.

Faye Valentine

The best poster in this issue has to be Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop in her bikini. This poster is four panels long, making it about 32 inches in length, so you get nearly three feet of Faye Valentine in this issue ;D

Di Gi Charat PosterExcel Saga PosterDi Gi Charat Swimsuit

First Kiss StoriesInfinite Ryvius PosterFirst Kiss Stories Poster

Other posters from the middle of the magazine include Di Gi Charat, Excel Saga, Infinite Ryvius and First Kiss Stories. They really could have done a much better job on that Infinite Ryvius poster...

Playstation Girly GamePlaystation Dating SimPC Dating Sim

I never really followed the computer games and dating sims, so I'm pretty clueless about this section ^^;

Eve Zero PosterEve Zero PosterWordsworth Poster

Refrain Blue Posterリフレインブルー PosterNatural Poster

The last lot of posters are less anime and more hentai and game related. There are two posters from Eve Zero, two from Refrain Blue, two from Kanon (though those are more like profile pages), one from Natural and one from Wordsworth. This is pretty much how Megami Magazines used to be, with a greater feature of things outside of mainstream anime.

Yuki Terai Pin-upNadesico Ruri HoshinoNadesico Size Comparison

This issue ends with a "Last Page Angel" of Terai Yuki, a sim idol that was popular in the early 2000's. The insert poster this issue is of Ruri Hoshino from Nadesico and is double-sided. The poster is also a lot larger than B2 size, being approximately 8 times the size of the magazine ~_~

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