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I was really excited to see the new work from Aka Ringo based on the preview images for Hanamaru and the excellence of the previous AZ + PLAY winter Comiket publication, 0 [LOVE]. So for me personally, the bar was set a little too high and Hanamaru fell way down under it.

Though it's an artist I've skipped in the past, I decided to grab Aoki Sin's's newest illustration collection, COLORS 7 from Comiket 77. I think it's in part due to his increased exposure, seeing his art work featured in both Megami Creators and 100 Masters of Bishojo Painting really helped to rekindle my interests. That, and his change in coloring style are making Aoki Sin one artist to watch out for ^^

COLORS is a short, Touhou doujinshi released during Comiket 76 by the relatively unknown artist Tsuki (つき). In fact, this artist is probably even more unknown due to a recent name change. Though the circle remains the same, Chikatama (ちかたま), the artist's pen name changed from Chika (ちか) to Tsuki (つき) between Comiket 76 and 77 and this doujinshi was published under the former name. Since this is a bit on the short side with just 16 pages, I also want to talk about the Touhou and Vocaloid genres in general.

Akaringo's Touhou art work stands out even in a in a series as prolific as Touhou. The unique character styling and black shadows create designs somewhere between an anime and manga look. This doujinshi from AZ + PLAY titled 0 [LOVE] was released during Comiket 75, and is full color and all illustrations.

I bought Shigunyan Art Works 2003-2007 during Comiket 76, even though it had been out for a year at that point. And I'd almost passed it up too, because for some reason the online shops like Toranoana and Melonbooks were only highlighting the very ecchi and adult pictures in it. But, there's a lot more to it than that!

I hadn't seen much from the circle Canaria Mint before this year, but now I see art work by Kona all over the place. So I finally bought Canaria Mint Illustrations, a collection of Touhou illustration by Kona.

This is a short review because Rokuwata Tomoe's Windward is a short book. Most doujinshi publications tend to be on the short side, but I do try to aim for ones that have at least 20 pages, unless I just really like the artist or can get it for cheap.

During Comiket 76 Ryo Ueda released a compilation of the Touhou art work that was done primarily for C-CLAYS titled Tonbo. Considering the pieces in this collection were only previously available on more expensive items like stick posters and CDs, it's great to finally be able to have it all in one place. Only interested in the pictures? Skip the reading and click here for a slide show of all the images.