Ten Colors ~ Juu Nin To Iro ~

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Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 15

MOEOH Selection's Ten Colors ~ Juu Nin To Iro ~ finally came out last week, after weeks of hearing and talking about it. And if you're at all familiar with the Dengeki MOEOH magazine, you'll know that means art work from the 10 artists featured each month for the past two years: Satoshi Kiba, Aoi Kimizuka, Koharu Sakura, Tinkle, Mamoru Naruse, Yu Narumi, Matsuryu, Suigun Murakami, Morinaga Korune, and Mitha.

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 1 Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 2

The subtitle for Ten Colors, "juu nin to iro (十人十色)" is quite literally "ten people, ten colors" though it has a more colloquial meaning of "different strokes for different folks." I think the literal translation really is exactly what the collection is though. On the cover art, you can see each of the artists' new illustrations for the book that follow the theme of "girls in love."

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 4 Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 5

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 6 Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 7

Each artist has a total of 11 illustrations; 10 that were published from 2008 to 2010 in Dengeki MOEOH magazine, and one new illustration made exclusively for the book. The first artist that appears in the book is Satoshi Kiba. The art works appear in publishing order, so the newest illustrations are at the end of each section. Satoshi Kiba is one artist who really stayed consistent in style and quality throughout.

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 8 Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 9

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 10 Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 11

Aoi Kimizuka comes next, with her template collection of girls. I'm not a fan of this artist; I dislike the way she draws eyes, clothing, poses... everything really. No, that's not true. I like the coloring. That being said, I really do think some of her best work appears in Ten Colors; it seems like when themes are given, creativity blossoms. Her original illustration is a true deviation from the other "girl in love" pictures in the book.

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 12Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 13Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 14

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 16

Sakura Koharu is one of those artists I follow in that, if she's part of a random collaboration of artists (or a light novel I can't read), I'll buy it just for her art work. When looking through her section, you can really see a lot of variety in situations, details and settings that sometimes get forgotten with other artists, once they've finished the character illustration. I would have bought the book for this section alone ^^;

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 17Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 19Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 20

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 21

Always the crowd pleaser, Tinkle has the next 11 illustrations with beautiful doll-styled girls who have more hair than body mass. I've kind of hit a point with this artist team where I think I'm seeing the same illustrations over and over again. They're still amazingly detailed (ruffles master) and delicate, and everyone can appreciate that regardless of personal tastes ^^;

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 22 Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 23

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 24 Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 25

Mamoru Naruse, who was also a featured artist in the newest Dengeki MOEOH issue, is the next artist. I've always found this artist's work disturbingly similar to Mitha's, but considering they're both Moonstone artists, it makes sense. I wasn't a fan of the new illustration, it seemed too plain.

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 26Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 28Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 29

I think Narumi Yu's style really fluctuated during the time she did the Ten Colors art works for the magazine. I liked her illustrations at the beginning and the end (which are pictured above), but the middle was a bit shaky.

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 31Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 30Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 33

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 32 Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 34

Matsuryu is another artist whose style progression is visible over a time period as short as two years. The older illustrations by this artist have a very Kouhaku Kuroboshi style in coloring and design to them. Again, I really find the caliber of illustration in the Ten Colors collection much better than what these artists often do on their own.

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 35

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 36Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 37Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 38

I think the best example of that is in Murakami Suigun's illustrations. For the most part, his art works tend to be on plain white backgrounds, without any real setting to them. Especially true if you bought his recent art book, Lily White ^^; But in for Ten Colors there is definitely a semblance of a background in all of the works, even though they don't quite reach the level of detail that some of the other artists achieved.

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 39 Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 40

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 41 Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 42

Another master of lace and ruffles, Morinaga Korune manages to keep on theme without ever sacrificing her signature style. It's especially amusing when it comes down to the "Swimwear Girls" theme from the Dengeki MOEOH August 2008 issue, and the girl still has a ruffled little top on over her bathing suit.

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 43Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 45Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 46

The final artist is Mitha, finishing the collection with her colorful selection of girls. If you haven't already noticed, each of the illustrations has an overall theme that was featured in each magazine issue. Girls in flowers, girls with knee socks, girls in swimwear, girls in lingerie, girls in ribbons; all of these were themes in past issues of Dengeki MOEOH. As you can see, Ten Colors ~ Juu Nin To Iro ~ really has something for everyone!

Ten Colors ~ジュウニントイロ~ - 47

  • Title: Ten Colors ~ Juu Nin To Iro ~
  • タイトル: 画集Ten Colors~ジュウニントイロ
  • Release Date: 02/26/2010
  • Pages: 130
  • Buy: Amazon Japan


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14 years, 4 months ago


Would you consider it value for money if you don't have much money to spend this month?

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14 years, 4 months ago


It's really long, 130 pages! Lots of full page spreads too, very good artbook!

Avatar for nat

14 years, 4 months ago


If you feel you don't have much to spend this month, I'd skip on the art books. They will still be here next month. Even if Amazon doesn't re-stock there are tons of other stores that carry it and it'll even show up second-hand eventually. That said, I do think it's the best multiple artist collection I've seen, and you can waste a whole 11-pages on Aoi Kimizuka and still enjoy it!

But there are a lot of art books coming out this month, and I don't want to jump the gun on recommending this over the others I haven't even seen yet ^^;

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14 years, 4 months ago


Tinkle's illustrations are so cute ! I love this illustrator ^^ Thank for the sharing ^^ Your website will ruin me -__-

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14 years, 4 months ago


I'd really like to buy this book, but I don't really get why isn't stocking/re-stocking it when it's readily available all over Japan.

Avatar for nat

14 years, 4 months ago


Yeah, I never get why that happens either, though they usually come back. It says out of stock, but you can add it to your cart (at the moment). I did that with the Baccano! Illustrations, and it ended up coming like 5 days later, so it's not too bad.

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14 years, 4 months ago


I really like the chara design in this artbook. Ero power!!

Your blog has a nice simplified design and is also very informative on artbooks, which is something I haven't seen much of. I'm adding you to my favorites and RSS subscriptions! ^_^

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14 years, 4 months ago


Thanks a lot! I'm just glad there are a lot more people interested in art books than I originally thought :3

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14 years, 4 months ago


Thanks for the review, wasn't aware at all of this book and it does feature artists whose work I do like but have never gotten round to purchasing any art- or doujin books from.

Think I'll try and get this one. ^^

Any place selling the except Amazon. (Shipping just kills me...)

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14 years, 4 months ago


Let's see... has it, but with some price mark-up. Mangaoh has it, and I think they only do EMS shipping internationally.

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