Observe by Takoyaki

March 26th, 2010, 8:28PM by nat | 3 comments

Takoyaki's Observe - 10

Takoyaki's moe girl styling strikes again in another full color illustration collection called Observe, released at this past Comiket 77. Takoyaki is really one of the few artists out that that seems to be able to consistently deliver a full color illustration doujinshi each Comiket, and the quality is as always top notch.

Takoyaki's Observe - 1Takoyaki's Observe - 2Takoyaki's Observe - 3

Maintaining the format of his previous Kogemashita releases, Observe is a B5 sized, staple-bound doujinshi and all the illustrations are printed on non-textured pages. Even the color palette used is similar to his last release Onepi, with lighter hues and great attention paid to atmospheric lighting.

Takoyaki's Observe - 4 Takoyaki's Observe - 5

Takoyaki's Observe - 6 Takoyaki's Observe - 7

There are a few illustrations in Observe where Takoyaki works on a new coloring style that's slightly rougher than his smooth clean CG-style. I feel like I've come to know what to expect, so it is nice to see there's still motivation for change. The character designs do remain the same and are well finished with backgrounds for the most part. Also only one of the illustrations is a two-page spread, so he really makes the most of the space in this 16-page (including covers) doujinshi.

Takoyaki's Observe - 8Takoyaki's Observe - 9Takoyaki's Observe - 11

The last couple of pages feature six fan arts placed over two pages with characters from K-ON!, Bakemonogatari, Sora no Manimani, Nyan Koi!, and Little Busters. Bakemonogatari and Nyan Koi! were both especially popular with doujin artists at this past Comiket 77. I wonder if popularity in these cases is based on the character designs or a love for the story? Anyway, Observe is another doujinshi definitely worth collecting for Takoyaki fans out there ^^

  • Title: Observe
  • タイトル: Observe
  • Pages: 16 (including covers)
  • Release date: 12/31/2009
  • Buy: Yahoo Japan


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14 years, 3 weeks ago


It it really worth it even though its so short?

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14 years, 3 weeks ago


Dunno, I can only speak for myself and I like collecting Takoyaki's works. Eventually I'll feel a little silly when they're all in an art book or something, but till then it's worth it ^^


Nice. Takoyaki's art gets me every time.