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Miyu's Strawberry Waltz is a lovely but brief collection of her original characters in frilly dresses, trimmed in lace and framed by flowers. Though the majority of the illustrations are monochrome, the color portion of Strawberry Waltz definitely makes it worth a look!

I was looking back on things from Comiket 77 that I somehow missed, and Kishida Mel's short but sweet Pistil was overlooked! To remedy this, I figured I could combine that and his Comiket 78 release, Lumen, in the same review especially since they're both so similar overall.

Nadeara Bukichi, also known as NadiaLoveKitty, has been illustrating scantily clad girls with pasted panties from as far back as I can remember. I feel like there's been a recent resurgence of her work, that or I just started to notice it again ^^

For anyone keeping up with Akatsuki Katoh's Zanzo Apartment circle releases, SCRAP Vol. 02 probably seemed like a step backwards from previous more creative endeavors like The Swinging Brompton and Girl Cycle. But as it's just meant to collect more miscellaneous works rather than art on a theme, that's just how it is.

Rco Wada, whose work is recently everywhere as the character designer for the new PSP game Fate/Extra, regularly participates in the bi-annual Comic Markets and has a number of illustration collections to her name. While they've recently become shorter, her colorful works are still worth collecting, with beautifully detailed illustrations and a character design style unlike any other.

Miwa Shirow usually releases full black and white illustration doujins, but in the past year there have been two partial color books, one being VVW Vocaloid Visual Works and the other being m3wver.7+ce, a C77 release and the subject of today's review ^^

I have to admit, I went for this doujinshi because of the cover girl---she just looks like someone who belongs in the Black Rock Shooter universe ^^; First Line is Kushima Rei's first doujinshi publication, and it came out during the Winter 2009 Comiket.

Ukke's colorful and polished art work continues to impress in her TRIP LIP Girl's Illustrations Winter 2009 collection, featuring the most recent assembly of her original illustrations. TRIP LIP was one of two releases by Ukke at Comiket 77, with the other being the Vocaloid book, Megpoid Crosslight.

Hinayuki Usa is a prolific artist both in and out of the doujin scene, and Yumemi Shoujo no Yume Sen (夢見少女の夢占) was one of her two books released during Comiket 77. She often works along side Natsume Eri (なつめえり) as their styles just complement each other, but for once, this small Touhou collection includes only Hinayuki Usa's illustrations.

Matsuda98's Winter Comiket release HOLOGRAPHICS was a combination of illustrations and a short manga, which is something I've seen from quite a few of her releases. Matsuda98's style is very girlish, with overly cute characters in fashionable clothing.

The artist with a long name has opted for an even longer title on his C77 full color illustration doujinshi release, Kurokami Shoujo to Wafuku ga Suki na Hito no Hon! (黒髪少女と和服が好きな人のほん!) which is still in stock months after the event on Toranoana ^^ This wasn't really a stand out doujinshi for me, but I was reminded of it when I noticed Tenmu Shinryuusai's new COMIC1☆4 release.

I always tell myself, I'm not going to buy anymore doujinshi from Ito Noizi at the start of each Comiket. I think I've forgotten the reason why... oh wait, it's because no matter what she releases, it will be expensive. Noizi Collection "H" Specialty 2001-2009 wasn't an exception to that rule, but it was definitely worth it, with a 100-page (covers counted) full color collection that was more of an art book than a doujinshi.

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