Hato Rami's CONCERT Illustrations

September 20th, 2010, 7:56PM by nat | 4 comments

Hato Rami's CONCERT Illustrations - 14

Hato Rami's CONCERT is the other half of her two part Comiket 78 doujinshi release. While STAR★DUST focused entirely on fan art illustrations, all the art works in CONCERT are of original characters. And Hato Rami's original designs are gorgeous as usual ^^

Hato Rami's CONCERT Illustrations - 1 Hato Rami's CONCERT Illustrations - 5

Hato Rami's CONCERT Illustrations - 4 Hato Rami's CONCERT Illustrations - 6

Like STAR★DUST, Hato Rami's CONCERT is also A4-sized, but instead of being staple-bound, it's glue-bound and doesn't have illustrations on the inside covers. Seems like a more traditional approach overall. CONCERT is also the longer of the two, with 24-pages in total when counting the covers.

Hato Rami's CONCERT Illustrations - 8 Hato Rami's CONCERT Illustrations - 9

While most of the illustrations received a full page publication, there were three pages like the ones above, with a split page display. But as with the other Hato Rami release, the print quality is so high that the images would have looked as perfect at a quarter of the size. Also, only two of the illustrations were two-page spreads.

Hato Rami's CONCERT Illustrations - 3 Hato Rami's CONCERT Illustrations - 2

I was quite surprised to see some of Hato Rami's newest illustrations included, one of which was the angel-winged girl with the guitar which was released as a post card set with Plastic Moon's Kazumi for Comiket 78. The other was her CD cover illustration for Eru Project's STILL ALIVE which came out after C78.

Hato Rami's CONCERT Illustrations - 10Hato Rami's CONCERT Illustrations - 12Hato Rami's CONCERT Illustrations - 13

The last few illustrations in the book were covers from earlier Hato Rami publications. In my case, several of them were ones I didn't have, so it was nice to see those illustrations in full---and without the title text on them! And... what's the deal with the tiny white paint splatters on every illustration? I've noticed it before, but today I went on a quest and they are indeed on every illustration...

I'd say CONCERT was the better of Hato Rami's two Comiket 78 releases, mostly because it was longer and I prefer her original illustrations. CONCERT was slightly more expensive than STAR★DUST, retailing for 1,344円 on Toranoana and it's currently still available, so there is still hope for late shoppers ^^

  • Title: CONCERT
  • タイトル: CONCERT
  • Release Date: 08/15/2010
  • Pages: 24 (including covers)
  • Buy: Toranoana


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13 years, 8 months ago


It looks really pretty, I'm always wanting art books with sparkling and guitars though!

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13 years, 8 months ago


Can't buy from Toranoana, hoping someone will scan it some day! fingers crossed

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13 years, 6 months ago


where are the pics 5841 and 5845 ?

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13 years, 6 months ago


Sometimes pictures just get left out after I've uploaded them. No reason...