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Ito Noizi's Comiket 78 release Mon Étoile Notre Constellations du Ciel is easily one of my favorites from her in recent memory. Her interpretations of the Zodiac astrological signs are unique and beautifully illustrated, keeping true to her style and the subject matter.

Shigeto Koyoma is probably better known for his mechanical designs in shows like Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto or the ending sequence for Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt than as the character designer for HEROMAN. But HEROMAN's Joey Jones holds a special place in his heart, and for that he released YELLOW, even though it was rumored that "making doujinshi for the show was prohibited."

If you've been keeping tabs on Pixiv artists, it'd be hard to miss out on the work of Sakamoto Himemi---recently featured in Quarterly Pixiv Vol. 03---whose simply lined girls sit on elaborately detailed backdrops that are placed more in fantasy than reality.

TURQUOISE 20th Anniversary is a commemorative doujinshi, marking Nadeara Bukichi's two decades in the business along with a glossy new collection of Nadia Secret of Blue Water illustrations. And pretty much every illustration features Nadia in Nadeara Bukichi's signature stick-on panty, so it's quite heavy on the fan service.

I'll start this out by saying, I'm really not an Izumi Tsubasu fan. But occasionally, I'll still buy a doujinshi here and there to see if things have changed, or because there's an illustration that appeals to me. Colorful Pop 8 happened to be one of those, and it smells like delicious peppery chips. I'm not even kidding.

Takoyaki is amazingly consistent with releasing beautiful, newly drawn illustrations for every Comiket in recent memory. And Summery Tint is no exception, focusing on lovely girls in a variety of summer activities with the color, tones, and lighting of the season to match it.

Takehito Harada, best known for his character designs for Disgaea, Phantom Brave, and Makai Kingdom, has a special place in his heart for his character, Pleinair. Pure-iko! is a collection of entirely Pleinair illustrations, that also feature her pals Usagi-san and Same-san.

Rabbit Net Chronicles 2004-2010 is an art book-sized doujinshi, released for Comiket 78 featuring art works from many big name artists like Tinkle, Ginta, Ikegami Akane, Tsubasu Izumi and many more. These illustrations covered a variety of goods from decorative bags, to pencil boards, to dakimakura that were released through Rabbit Net over the past few years.

Kirakira Kawaii Sunshine-san is a very short doujinshi dedicated solely to Heartcatch Pretty Cure's Cure Sunshine that came out during Comiket 78. Bakutendo enjoys doing these kind of character concentrations in his ACPERIENCE doujinshi series, with his latest concentrating solely on background characters from K-ON!

Artists Miyasu Risa and Hinayuki Usa joined together for their Comiket 78 release of RB16, which features a collection of newly drawn color-themed girls. Miyau Risa's solo collection Azalea Floating---which was printed after this doujinshi---actually includes a couple of the illustrations from RB16.

Kaori Minakami's second corset-themed doujinshi came out for the Summer Comiket, and unlike the last book, Corsetier Meets the Fairy Tales is entirely illustrations by Minakami. In this volume, Kaori Minakami explores illustrating corsets to fit fairy tale characters like Snow White, Thumbelina and several others.

I wasn't familiar with SIRON's art work when I decided to pick up the artist's C78 release, School Photo x Memory. But the style certainly looked familiar, reminiscent of a simplified style version of Kaya Kuramoto's art works and for that reason I gave it a chance.

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