Rio Miku by Momo

October 10th, 2009, 6:14PM by nat | 4 comments

Rio de Channel

Momose Hisashi's Rio Miku is a collection of illustrations of (you guessed it) Hatsune Miku and Rio de Channel that span a few years for this artist. Though more familiarly known as Momo, I kept the artist's actual name for the category because it's a lot easier to search for than just "Momo."

RioMiku back cover RioMiku front cover

This tiny A5 sized doujinshi was released during Comiket 74, which sounds like it was ages ago although it was just summer 2008. I hadn't heard of the artist before buying the book, but the price was right for a 40-page almost full color doujinshi (there are 10 pages of black and white for a story with illustrations).

Hatsune Miku in bikini Hatsune Miku in Uniform

Cool pose Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku curled up

Miku Punch! Hatsune Miku Grown Up

The first half of the book is solidly dedicated to Hatsune Miku, in different outfits and sometimes nothing at all. The drawing style seems to vary wildly from illustration to illustration, mostly because they were drawn years apart, but also because Momose Hisashi (百瀬 寿) does seem to want to try evolve his style.

Hatsune MikuSketchy DrawingHatsune Miku Kiddy Drawings

There is also some weirdly inconsistent (bad) Hatsune Miku art work, that I assume (and hope) is just guest art, though if it is, it's not clearly indicated.

Rio sitting down Rio in a black bikini

Rio Red and White Rio Red and White Bikini

Rearview Rio de Channel Extreme Rio Cleavage

After the Hatsune Miku art finishes, it's on to Rio de Channel! Rio is a popular character that appears on pachinko slot machines in Japan. There are actually two art books featuring the Rio de Channel, so I'm surprised they haven't found a way to make her an anime character yet!

Another Bikini PoseCasual RioRio goes to School

Rio is also featured posing in a variety of different outfits. The Rio section is slightly larger than the Hatsune Miku bit, tallying in at 14 pages (and all great art work) while Hatsune Miku only gets 10 (and some really amateur looking art work).

Rio in a White Bikini

I like this one, Momose Hisashi decided to draw her with a little extra meat on her bones (or in a bikini that's one size too small!)

Cat girl maidNegima!Negima!


The rest of the book includes a couple of pieces from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Negima, and a couple of random characters. The black and white story at the end is illustrated by Momose Hisashi, but written by someone else. It really is quite full for a doujinshi, with the majority of illustrations getting a full page (though it is a small page!)

Any Rio de Channel fans out there? I'm assuming there are plenty of Hatsune Miku fans, but Rio is really only a pachinko slot character, so how great a reach could she have outside of Japan?



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14 years, 6 months ago


Anything with Hatsune Miku in it rules!

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14 years, 6 months ago


This guy uses nice colors, not a huge fan of his style though, the way he draws faces seems a little amateur.

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14 years, 6 months ago


Given that this is from comiket 74 I assume you can no longer get this right?

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14 years, 6 months ago


Nothing's impossible to get, just harder to get. If you're interested in it, search for it on the auction sites regularly, that's how I've come to acquire most of what I have. I wasn't remotely interested in buying doujinshi until last year around this time.