Ryuga Syo's Work C2 Illustrations

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WORK C2 Illustrations - 13

Work C2 Illustrations is a very colorful collection of Ryuga Syo's more recent commercial art works all packed into a A4-sized doujinshi and released for Comiket 78. It's easily one of my favorite Comiket purchases and includes many finished pieces that drastically move away from the muted colors in his earlier 2008 art book One Form - Ryuga Syo Illustrations. Even though some of the art work in Work C2 predates One Form, I'm glad to say there is only one overlap illustration, which appears on a full page in Work C2.

WORK C2 Illustrations - 1WORK C2 Illustrations - 3WORK C2 Illustrations - 2

The collection starts out with a couple of Code Geass illustrations, both of which were illustrated for Code Geass Comic Anthologies Queen volume 3 and volume 4. Work C2 is 40 pages in total when counting the covers, and keeps up the momentum with page after page of high quality, finished illustrations with no visible printing dots.

WORK C2 Illustrations - 6WORK C2 Illustrations - 7WORK C2 Illustrations - 8

WORK C2 Illustrations - 9WORK C2 Illustrations - 10WORK C2 Illustrations - 11

There are several pages of brightly colored Koihime Musou illustrations which are the highlight of this collection for me. There are so many artists involved with Koihime Musou, and Ryuga Syo is the cover artist for the character anthology fan books that came out in 2008, called Ike! Ike! Bokura no Koihime Musou.

WORK C2 Illustrations - 12WORK C2 Illustrations - 13WORK C2 Illustrations - 14

WORK C2 Illustrations - 15WORK C2 Illustrations - 16WORK C2 Illustrations - 17

As the illustrations all come from other commercial publications, the overall quality of the works is a lot better than you tend to see in doujinshi publications. Characters from Clannad, Shuffle!, and other games make appearances.

WORK C2 Illustrations - 18 WORK C2 Illustrations - 19

WORK C2 Illustrations - 20 WORK C2 Illustrations - 21

Most of the latter illustrations in the book feature original character illustrations. Some were from Etsu Magazine while others were drawn for Dengeki Moeoh. It's a lot of sources gathered together, which is especially great when you know what a task buying back issues of magazines can be sometimes ^^;

WORK C2 Illustrations - 23 WORK C2 Illustrations - 22

Even though it's much after Comiket 78, plenty are still available on Toranoana and Melonbooks since they were listed after the initial rush. Work C2 Illustrations makes for a nice update on Ryuga Syo's art works, as she's done a lot of work since the last art book ^^

  • Title: Work C2
  • タイトル: Work C2
  • Pages: 40 (including covers)
  • Release date: 08/15/2010
  • Buy: Toranoana, Melonbooks


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13 years, 6 months ago


Nice find, lovely vivid colors! I might be a little late to pick this one up though!