Esora Sekai - Memories

December 1st, 2010, 7:40PM by nat | 3 comments

Hisakata Souji's Bloom in Shade - 1

Hisakata Souji is an artist whose work leaves an impression not only because of the softly painted fantasy characters, but even more so because of the elaborate and detailed fantasy landscapes they're placed in. Esora Sekai - Memories features a collection of handpicked color illustrations, and while there aren't many, they are pieces that made the artist proud.

Hisakata Souji's Bloom in Shade - 4 Hisakata Souji's Bloom in Shade - 2

Hisakata Souji's Bloom in Shade - 3 Hisakata Souji's Bloom in Shade - 5

Esora Sekai - Memories is B5-sized and 16-pages when counting the covers. The printing is very high quality, which works especially well on these painted-style works, keeping details crisp and sharp. The pages are thick and sturdy although the collection is staple-bound.

Hisakata Souji's Bloom in Shade - 6 Hisakata Souji's Bloom in Shade - 8

Though Hisakata Souji's art work has appeared in a few books recently, namely 100 Masters of Bishoujo Art and Moeru Classic Heroine Collection, this is his first solo collection. The illustrations in Esora Sekai - Memories really do amazing things with lighting, from the cover illustration with the girl standing in the tip of an illuminated doorway, and even more notably, the girl swimming in the strangely reflective lake.

Hisakata Souji's Bloom in Shade - 7Hisakata Souji's Bloom in Shade - 9Hisakata Souji's Bloom in Shade - 10

There really is a lot to like about Hisakata Souji's art work, especially if you're a fantasy art fan like I am. As it is, the majority of his commercial works are for role-playing games and that influence really shows even in his original illustrations. It's still available on Toranoana, but you can also check out his works in smaller resolutions on his website, Esora Sekai.

  • Title: Esora Sekai - Memories
  • タイトル: エソラセカイ 回想録
  • Pages: 16 (including covers)
  • Release date: 08/15/2010
  • Buy: Toranoana


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Avatar for vinhnyu

13 years, 5 months ago


The illustrations are stunning and the frames give a nice feeling of ancient book or papyrus. That's a great discovery to me, thanks a lot for sharing!

Avatar for Smithy

13 years, 5 months ago


Didn't know this artist, looks like terrific fantasy like art. Nice!

Avatar for jc

13 years, 5 months ago


Really like the painterly-look on this one, wish I could get it but Toranoana don't ship internationally... bummer :( Anywhere else to get it from?