Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16

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Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 14

Artists Miyasu Risa and Hinayuki Usa joined together for their Comiket 78 release of RB16, which features a collection of newly drawn color-themed girls. Miyau Risa's solo collection Azalea Floating---which was printed after this doujinshi---actually includes a couple of the illustrations from RB16.

Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 1 Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 2

Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 3 Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 4

RB16 is B5-sized in height, but it's square shaped. The covers are holographic, with the cover illustration printed on like a t-shirt decal (which means, be delicate you can accidentally scrape it off ^^;). The cover art and the first illustration in the book are jointly illustrated with one character by Hinayuki Usa, and the other by Miyasu Risa. Though their styles are quite different through out the book, in these first two illustrations it looks like they made an effort to mesh.

Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 5Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 6Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 7

Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 8Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 9Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 10

There are more illustrations than you might expect in this 46-page collection, with art works alternating between Hinayuki Usa and Miyasu Risa. Each artist has a two-page spread at the beginning of the book and then the main content features full page illustrations with cute girls based on color themes. Presentation-wise, the illustrations are displayed on every other page, adjacent to an adjoining illustration-free page.

Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 11 Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 12

Hinayuki Usa and Miyasu Risa are both great artists, but I'd say that Miyasu Risa has shown the most style growth in the last couple of years, which is really noticeable when going through her art books. I wasn't as much of a fan of her older works, many of which you can find in her doujinshi art book Grande Desserts that I reviewed here more than a year ago. But since everything in RB16 is new, the illustrations are very consistent and polished through out.

Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 15Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 16Miyasu Risa & Hinayuki Usa's RB16 - 17

RB16 ends with 4-pages of monochrome art along with 2-pages of messages from the artists. Overall, it's really an excellent doujinshi in both presentation and content and I would definitely recommend it. Even if you did already get your fill of Miyasu Risa with Azalea Floating, there are several of her illustrations that are only in RB16 along with everything else by Hinayuki Usa to make up for it ^^;

  • Title: RB16
  • タイトル: RB16
  • Pages: 46 (including covers)
  • Release date: 08/14/2010
  • Buy: Toranoana, eBay


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13 years, 2 months ago


It has a beautiful cover! Very nice!

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13 years, 1 month ago


Seeing this doujin reminded me to ask if you ever used this japan shipping company... xD

The Under 5kg and less then 1000 Yen charge looks to good to be true xD

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The rumor at large is that Toranoana and Melonbooks won't ship to Tenso addresses. And you'd need to make sure they take your payment method. So I haven't used them ^^;