Minase Lin's STAR DUST Development 2

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Minase Lin Stardust -Development- 2 - 2

STAR DUST -Development- 2 is much like Minase Lin's first volume in layout and style, but it's nearly double the length of the original. It's a full color illustration book once again, though it does include some sketches.

Minase Lin Stardust -Development- 2 - 1Minase Lin Stardust -Development- 2 - 7Minase Lin Stardust -Development- 2 - 3

Minase's STAR DUST -Development- 2 is B5-sized and 28-pages in length. The cover illustration is repeated inside, but with a slight change---the cover girl is smiling instead of surprised. The art work in this volume is pretty typical of Minase's style, almost bordering on generic.

Minase Lin Stardust -Development- 2 - 4 Minase Lin Stardust -Development- 2 - 5

Minase Lin Stardust -Development- 2 - 6 Minase Lin Stardust -Development- 2 - 8

There is some fan art to help it along, in particular a cute illustration of Rinko from Love Plus. Most of the illustrations are full-page, but there are also two pages of tiled-images near the center, followed by two artist's message pages.

Minase Lin Stardust -Development- 2 - 9 Minase Lin Stardust -Development- 2 - 10

Minase Lin Stardust -Development- 2 - 11 Minase Lin Stardust -Development- 2 - 12

Minase Lin's original designs look best when she adds a little creativity to the character, like cat ears, or elf ears, because it seems to inspire the artist to choose a different set-up for her illustrations. The book ends with a few two-page spreads, including a simple Touhou illustration featuring Alice Margatroid. All in all, I wasn't that impressed with the art work or presentation, and I probably wouldn't buy it if life had do-overs ^^;

  • Title: STAR DUST Development 2
  • タイトル: STAR DUST Development 2
  • Pages: 28 (including covers)
  • Release date: 12/31/2010
  • Buy: eBay, Yahoo! Japan Auctions


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