Takoyaki's Summery Tint

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Takoyaki's Summery Tint - 7

Takoyaki is amazingly consistent with releasing beautiful, newly drawn illustrations for every Comiket in recent memory. And Summery Tint is no exception, focusing on lovely girls in a variety of summer activities with the color, tones, and lighting of the season to match it.

Takoyaki's Summery Tint - 1Takoyaki's Summery Tint - 2Takoyaki's Summery Tint - 3

Summery Tint is a B5-sized doujinshi, 20-pages including the covers, and staple-bound. There is an alternate version of the cover illustration inside, with the cover girl in a swimsuit instead of a dress. In total there are 13 illustrations without including the alternate cover art, which is pretty hearty for a doujinshi, especially when so many are new.

Takoyaki's Summery Tint - 8 Takoyaki's Summery Tint - 4

Takoyaki's Summery Tint - 5 Takoyaki's Summery Tint - 6

I've said it before, but the lighting is just the best aspect of Takoyaki's work. Of course his designs are great too, but the way all the illustrations have a sense of real surroundings and just feel like a certain time of day is like his signature. I especially loved the underwater illustration in this collection, with its beautiful range of color and soft tones.

Takoyaki's Summery Tint - 9 Takoyaki's Summery Tint - 10

Takoyaki's Summery Tint - 12 Takoyaki's Summery Tint - 14

Most of the illustrations are originals, but there is an adorable illustration of Kanade from Angel Beats! towards the end. All in all, Summery Tint is another impressive doujinshi collection from Takoyaki, and it's still worth getting if you like to collect his works ^^

  • Title: Summery Tint
  • タイトル: Summery Tint
  • Pages: 20 (including covers)
  • Release date: 2010/08/15
  • Buy: eBay


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12 years, 10 months ago


I love the backgrounds but im not a big fan of the way he draws faces.