Ito Noizi *Sweet + Sweets*

September 22nd, 2009, 12:18AM by nat | 1 comment

K-ON Mio

Ito Noizi's Comiket 76 doujinshi, Sweet + Sweets, has to be one of the tiniest ones from her yet. This book has only 12 pages, and this includes the covers. Initially, I wasn't going to get it at all, but the promise of her illustrating characters like Sheryl and Ranka from Macross Frontier along with Mio from K-ON just became too much to ignore. No doubt in a few years time, these will all appear in the back of an "Ito Noizi Illustrations IV"!

Sweet + Sweets CoverSheryl Macross FrontierRanka Macross Frontier

The book is B5 sized and staple-bound, with heavily textured (and thick) pages. Maybe to help make it look a bit more substantial than it actually is.

Rei AyanamiMari and AsukaChibi Rei Ayanami

And of these 12 pages, half were dedicated to Evangelion: the cover image is repeated inside, there are a couple chibi versions of Rei Ayanami, a pirate eye-patched version of Asuka, and Makinami Mari Illustrious.

CowgirlIto Noizi SketchesSweet + Sweets Back

The last couple pages are sketches, which can be kind of fun when you see what Mio could have looked like ;_; This retailed from sites like Toranoana for around 735 yen. Do you think it's even worth that much to you? Or would you have passed on it?

  • Title: Sweet + Sweets
  • タイトル: Sweet + Sweets
  • Pages: 12 (including covers)
  • Buy: eBay


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14 years, 9 months ago


It may only be 12 pages but there looks to be some very nice color illustrations in this one. It's not too expensive if this is the type of thing you like.

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