HUKE's latest release PIC7 brings us a mix of his newest Black Rock Shooter illustrations alongside fan art and robots in a spectacular B4-sized book format. This cinema-like display for a book is new territory for HUKE, but his art work stands up to the size increase, with detailed works and elaborate textures on every illustration.

Wooser (うーさー) is the brainchild of Supercell designer Usa Yoshiki (宇佐義大) and in its short existence has garnered much adoration from fans for being small, furry and yellow. But there is a darker force in the Wooser world, and that would be the subject of today's post, Darth Wooser. DW presented by CHANxCO from insidEBox brings together 26 artists to illustrate Darth Wooser in all her glory.

HUKE's self-publications continue to impress, with the newest addition being his Comiket 78 release STEINS GATE VISUAL WORKS. Though it's sad to say, this collection includes more full-fledge illustrations than the commercial counterpart Steins; Gate Official Material Book.

Huke's Comiket 77 release was Black Rock Shooter Visual Works 2, and similar to the first volume, its content consists of the characters that make up the BRS world. There is a great focus on the villains in this volume, and impressively, none of the Black Rock Shooter illustrations that appeared in Huke's PICSIX are in this book, so there is no overlap.

The newest issue of Megami Magazine Creators, volume 18, came out December 19th, 2009 and features a cover by Huke with new art from STEINS;GATE. It's still one of the smallest magazines I get, weighing in at 94 pages in total, but there's still plenty of art to keep me happy.

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