RCO Wada's Toka Toka 3

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Rco Wada's Toka + Toka 3 Illustrations - 5

Though RCO Wada's Toka Toka 3---released at Comiket 79---is on the shorter side like most of her doujins, it showcases a beautiful assortment of works from series like Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Shingetsutan Tsukihime along with original pieces.

Rco Wada's Toka + Toka 3 Illustrations - 1 Rco Wada's Toka + Toka 3 Illustrations - 2

The book itself is rather uniquely constructed, with rounded and smoothed page corners. The cover art is newly illustrated, and the picture wraps around both the front and back covers. Toka Toka 3 is A4-sized and 16 pages including the covers. Unfortunately, there is a lot of wasted space, namely the inner and outer covers, which seems to be a new trend with RCO Wada's latest doujins. So including the cover, there are 12-pages of illustrations.

Rco Wada's Toka + Toka 3 Illustrations - 3Rco Wada's Toka + Toka 3 Illustrations - 9Rco Wada's Toka + Toka 3 Illustrations - 6

RCO Wada's style in this collection reflects the way she illustrates for Fate/Extra, which is slightly different from her older works. And while there's a very Saber-like girl in the collection, none of the illustrations are from Fate/Extra. Nearly all of the illustrations receive a full page display; the sole exception is a set of New Year's themed greeting illustrations that share a page.

Rco Wada's Toka + Toka 3 Illustrations - 4 Rco Wada's Toka + Toka 3 Illustrations - 7

Several of the illustrations were done for card games, and RCO Wada's Girl's Avenue poster that was in Megami Magazine Creators Volume 21 is also included. Overall, Toka Toka 3 was a much improved collection compared to C78's originally themed High Leg Cut Armors. I'd hate to say it's because most of the works in Toka Toka 3 were done commercially, but it's probably true ^^;

  • Title: Toka Toka 3
  • タイトル: Toka Toka 3
  • Pages: 16 (including covers)
  • Release date: 12/31/2010
  • Buy: Toranoana, eBay


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I love the coloring in this book! Thinking about getting it!