comitia 92

Akarui Tokoro was a Comitia 92 release by Sody through his circle SLeeVe, and is the fourth illustration book in his series subtitled SLeeVe Private Art Collection. Sody's art works are pretty much always school girls, and this one was no different. The bright light of summer was the theme, with all the character illustrations in partially shaded or glaring sunlight that bring the works to life.

In the quiet time between Comikets, Shibano Kaito, probably best known as the artist for the Luminous Arc game trilogy, released a short 12-page doujinshi for Comitia 92. It actually feels even shorter because four of those "pages" are the front, back and inside covers.

For Comitia 92, RubiconHearts released their second publication, titled Neko to Shoujo (猫と少女), featuring a collection of illustrations of girls and cats by Take (竹), Tsunekawa Niwasuke (常川庭助), Ame (雨), and Yuu (優). While it doesn't have the famous illustrators of the first collection『Kyoto, Spring.』, it does continue to maintain the high standards of quality the circle set for themselves during Comiket 77.

Kurogin's newest illustration doujinshi, titled NSXT and published for Comitia 92 is a far cry from the sci-fi illustrations of his Winter Comiket release Archive Illustrations. The mecha and magic girls are replaced for the most part by every day beauties in normal walks of life.

Takigawa Yuu isn't a new artist---I've seen her work in various collection books like Girls Girls Girls! Illustrations and she used to work with Chisato Naruse (hence the style similarities). But on the doujinshi scene, I just wasn't following her until now. Her recent Comitia 92 release, titled Mori (森) really caught my attention with its anthropomorphism of forest creatures, and lovely greenery in general.

Oishii Seikatsu (おいしい生活) is CUTEG'S Girl's Collection 1.5, and the first monochrome collection I have from her, though not the first one that has been released. For the most part, the illustrations are cleaner than sketches, but not as finished as monochrome art works usually are. It's a nice in-between for a smaller convention like Comitia 92 that makes me think (and hope) we'll see some of these works in color in the future. Though honestly, there are so many illustrations it's doubtful we'll ever see them all ^^;