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My Favorite Girls is a full-color illustration collection of Touhou character works by Korean artists Nyanya and Cu-rim. Though I purchased this because of Nyanya's involvement, I quite like Cu-rim's colorful style as well. For Nyanya, this was one of two books that she participated in for Comiket 78.

Hisakata Souji is an artist whose work leaves an impression not only because of the softly painted fantasy characters, but even more so because of the elaborate and detailed fantasy landscapes they're placed in. Esora Sekai - Memories features a collection of handpicked color illustrations, and while there aren't many, they are pieces that made the artist proud.

Work C2 Illustrations is a very colorful collection of Ryuga Syo's more recent commercial art works all packed into a A4-sized doujinshi and released for Comiket 78. It's easily one of my favorite Comiket purchases and includes many finished pieces that drastically move away from the muted colors in his earlier 2008 art book One Form - Ryuga Syo Illustrations. Even though some of the art work in Work C2 predates One Form, I'm glad to say there is only one overlap illustration, which appears on a full page in Work C2.

Chen Shu Fen and Ping Fan are a well-known Taiwanese artist duo that also have a strong presence in Japan, with their regular appearances in Kikan S magazine and multiple art book releases. They were also interviewed in a recent issue of Etsu Magazine, where some of their newer works were showcased. Though I didn't think they were active on the doujin scene, P+F Ping Fan & Chen Shu Fen Illustrations was released at Comiket 78, featuring several new illustrations along with the line works for the photorealistic art works.

Hirano Katsuyuki, probably best known as the artist for the video game Record of Agarest War, will be releasing his first art book this December. But until then, his most recent release was from Comiket 78, titled Lateral Records 5. This doujinshi features full color illustrations as well as monochrome works that hopefully won't also be in the upcoming art book ^^;

Mikoto Akemi romanizes his name as Miko&Akemi in his Yellow Avantgard publication Kick-Ass, from Comiket 78. But! Dragon Magazine writes it as Mikoto Akemi, and as it gives everyone a better idea on how to pronounce it, I'm going to stick with that. So on this occasion, Kick-Ass is not a film, but in fact a full color illustration fan book collecting works from K-On!, Angel Beats!, Durarara!! and others. I just noticed exclamation marks have become quite the trend for anime titles...

Chisato Naruse's Comiket 78 release Escursione is a small-sized illustration book, with art work on a travelling theme. This was the smaller part of her release; the other half was a joint project with Yuu Takigawa that included a custom bag and stationary.

GirlishGene Visual Artworks is a fun and flirty collection of original illustrations by Lunatic Joker artist Tsukigami Lunar. Tsukigami Lunar's twin mascots Mika and Mira are heavily featured and are even the cover girls for this Comiket 78 release.

Rco Wada's latest illustration doujinshi High Leg Cut Armor was released during Comiket 78 and features all new works with an armor theme. Many of the art works have an interesting take on the theme, and don't focus as much on creating beautiful girl characters (unlike the cover art work).

Utsura Uraraka 2 is a full-color illustration collection released by Eretto during Comiket 78. The title is also Eretto's circle name, Utsura Uraraka. Though mostly fan art, the collection also features original character designs for Eretto's circle mascots.

Kawaku's newest illustration collection came out during Comiket 78, and is aptly titled Summer Clock (夏時計). This full color doujinshi includes several brightly themed summer works along with a few of his Aquarian Age Saga 3 card game illustrations.

Wooser (うーさー) is the brainchild of Supercell designer Usa Yoshiki (宇佐義大) and in its short existence has garnered much adoration from fans for being small, furry and yellow. But there is a darker force in the Wooser world, and that would be the subject of today's post, Darth Wooser. DW presented by CHANxCO from insidEBox brings together 26 artists to illustrate Darth Wooser in all her glory.