In the quiet time between Comikets, Shibano Kaito, probably best known as the artist for the Luminous Arc game trilogy, released a short 12-page doujinshi for Comitia 92. It actually feels even shorter because four of those "pages" are the front, back and inside covers.

I don't buy as many anime related visual books as I used to, but Shiki Visual Works had a couple of things really going for it. One of those things was the low price of just ¥ 980, and the other being it included art work by one of my favorite artists, Fujisaki Ryu, who illustrates the manga version.

One Voice is the third art book by Shunya Yamashita, whose prolific designs have contributed towards a multitude of busty, sexy, figure designs from popular series along with artist's originals. Outside of that genre I don't see a lot of his work anywhere else nowadays, aside from the occasional light novel illustration or how-to art cover. Even still, Shunya Yamashita is a renowned artist with an instantly recognizable style that just leaves you wanting more ^^

Shigenori Soejima Art Works 2004-2010 was released at the beginning of August and showcases the artist's illustrations from the games Persona 3 & 4, along with Stella Deus and a handful of other miscellaneous works. The art book presentation is also fitting for such a beautiful set of art works, with full page illustrations for the most part and a unique cover design.

In the illustration collection Digital Camera Girl Famous Views, the Hasselblad H3DII-50 camera is listed at ¥4,200,000. By today's economy, that would be $49,099.84. I just felt the need to share that little fact. And while that is by no means the average camera showcased in this art book, it just kind of puts the other prices into perspective ^^;

Joeian is a new artist to the doujinshi scene who after a bit of a rough start, published his first book for Comitia 91 earlier this year. While I think the art work in CS-01 Colourful Symphony shows how "new" this artist really is, it also demonstrates a great eye for coloring and scenery.

Ar Tonelico Visual Book Souten Rakudo focuses entirely on the game characters and promotional art works from the Ar Tonelico series games I - III. For those of you who've never purchased any Ar Tonelico art collections, then Ar Tonelico Visual Book Souten Rakudo is the one to buy. On the other hand, if you've purchased any of the previous Ar Tonelico guides, well, then you're in for a lot of repetition.

Fujiwara Warawara's first art book Water Sprite, just came out at the end of July on the 26th and includes a collection of art work that spans light novels, games, and promotional arts from as far back as 2002 to as recently as this year. When you've got that kind of a range covered, there tends to be a lot of variance in the quality of art work, but Fujiwarara Warawara has really stayed true to his style. is a blog of anime art book, magazine, and doujinshi reviews. In the mix you'll also find wallpapers, opinions, buying tips and my thoughts on collecting art books.

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