As some of you might know, Gundam has been celebrating its 30th anniversary year all year long. It's going to culminate this December (last month of the year right? :D) with a final gigantic Gundam art book collection called Mobile Suit Gundam Tenchi Souzou 30th Anniversary Art Collection, which is retailing for a hefty ¥ 9,450.

It would be hard to have missed Huke's meteoric rise onto the artist scene, sparked by his animation and illustrations for the Vocaloid BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER music video. Huke was around before that, but his appearances in magazines like Gelatin, and character design jobs (STEINS;GATE) have definitely increased since his association with the music and art circle Supercell.

Mizuiro Syoujo Kuuchuu Yousai Illustrations is an art book that really showcases the best works from this artist, sampling across a wide variety of games, copyright art and original girls. Though the title might lead you to believe otherwise, not all of the girls in the book are blue-haired ^^;

I bought Shigunyan Art Works 2003-2007 during Comiket 76, even though it had been out for a year at that point. And I'd almost passed it up too, because for some reason the online shops like Toranoana and Melonbooks were only highlighting the very ecchi and adult pictures in it. But, there's a lot more to it than that!

COLORS is a Vocaloid fan book that came out during the Vocaloid Master 9 (ボーマス9) from the circle Ritornello, whose main artist is Mitosa (みとさ). You can check out her (or his, I never know this kind of thing ^^;) art work on Pixiv as well.

After Strike Witches finished airing in September 2008, Shimada Humikane Art Works was released, in October 2008. Shimada Humikane is the original designer for the Strike Witches and also the father of that term Mecha Musume, describing the cute anthropomorphism of weapons like guns, tanks, and fighter planes.

The World of M is a collection of concept art designed by Korean artist H2SO4. It's a doujinshi and was the release for the circle Island of Horizon during Comiket 76. The World of M is just a start, and it looks like H2SO4 may be working on it for future doujinshi releases.

Atelier Series Official Chronicle collects loads of art work from the different Atelier Series along with Mana Khemia 1 & 2 and puts them all in one place for your viewing pleasure. The book goes in order from oldest to newest Atelier Series, with Mana Khemia in the mix. is a blog of anime art book, magazine, and doujinshi reviews. In the mix you'll also find wallpapers, opinions, buying tips and my thoughts on collecting art books.


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