HUKE's latest release PIC7 brings us a mix of his newest Black Rock Shooter illustrations alongside fan art and robots in a spectacular B4-sized book format. This cinema-like display for a book is new territory for HUKE, but his art work stands up to the size increase, with detailed works and elaborate textures on every illustration.

I wasn't familiar with SIRON's art work when I decided to pick up the artist's C78 release, School Photo x Memory. But the style certainly looked familiar, reminiscent of a simplified style version of Kaya Kuramoto's art works and for that reason I gave it a chance.

Adumi Tohru's Summer Comiket release was a two parter; one book was Flower Dust Crown and included original art works, and the other was Happy Heart Gift which was more of a fan art collection. Interestingly, they were being sold together even through the shops like Toranoana, so I was unwittingly able to get both ^^

Marmalade Illustration Works is a studio collection art book for the Marmalade games and it features promotional art from multiple games and artists. The games included are Konneko, Miraroma, Lyrical Lyric, Lyrical DS, and Kiss to Maou to Darjeeling. This art book is much in the same vein as other recent studio centric books like MOONSTONE Complete Illustrations, CIRCUS 10th Visual Album, and AKABEi SOFT2 Illustration Collection, providing a great overview of the game art work without going into to much detail with profile pages and in-game CGs.

Minase Lin is a regular artist in E☆2 and her work also appears in Girls Girls Girls! Illustrations art books, but I've somehow missed out on buying a doujinshi from her until now. Star Dust -development- is a full color collection, released summer 2010. Many of the illustrations inside were in E☆2 Magazine, but this doujinshi has a leg up on the magazine with less text and better quality paper ^^;

Megami MAGAZINE Creators Volume 22 is the first issue of 2011, and like a few other magazines out, it includes a 12-month calendar. Otherwise, it's a pretty standard issue, though more artists I enjoy were included this time around.

Colorful Berry is a joint illustration publication by two artists, Ichiyou Moka and Konno Kengo, two artists with similar color palettes, but uniquely different art styles. Both covers of Colorful Berry are used like a front cover, and depending which side you come in on, you'll either start out with Ichiyou Moka's illustrations or Konno Kengo's works.

When I first opened up Tetsuya Ohno Illustrations PRISM way back in August, I was pretty disappointed overall. At the time, I'd felt that I'd just seen too many of the illustrations already in other books I'd purchased from him, and that there wasn't enough originality to it. Several months later, I can see it a lot more objectively for what it really does; PRISM is actually more of a 'best of' book including works from throughout Ohno's career, but without the filler. is a blog of anime art book, magazine, and doujinshi reviews. In the mix you'll also find wallpapers, opinions, buying tips and my thoughts on collecting art books.


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